Sunday, March 14, 2010


so, i attempted to book a tour that would involve playing shows that just happened to bring us out to Idaho to visit my brother and it has sorta turned into this rag tag vacation tour to Idaho where we just happen to play shows.

I played a couple of solo shows; one in Menomonie, WI at THE RAW DEAL with Haley Bonar.

And one in Eau Claire, WI with Trevor Ives and Paul Brandt from Meridene. They were playing Trevor's solo stuff which goes by the name, PASSOVER IOWA. We played at a joint called, INFINITEA TEA HOUSE.

On Saturday I picked up the band, which, for this tour, consists of Jeremiah and Karin, and we headed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to play this joint called, NUTTY'S NORTH. On our way to the venue Jer said something to the affect of, "I imagine this place being the sort of place that has a cartoon monkey holding a bunch of peanuts for a logo". Well, he was right.

We are about to have a day of driving then we'll be in Idaho on Monday evening. We will be playing at Grand Targhee ski resort. It's going to be awesome. I'm so excited. I'm going to look like this guy going down the hill.

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