Monday, June 29, 2009


Hey there Ho there,

Here's a video made by Eau Claire blogsters, PEER VALIDATED. It's of Seth, Michelle and I playing a show in Eau Claire, WI. We went to the show thinking that there was a sound system there, cuz that's what our bud told us.

But then there wasn't one. And the other bands were instrumental rock bands. So we had a little campfire singing time. We got marshmallows in our hair and poison oak on our rumps.

Oooh...this is Seth by the way. He plays electric guitar and sings with me.

And this is Michelle. She plays guitar, keys, accordion and sings with me.

Michelle makes music too. check it out.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Okay....lame attempt to mash the words "species" and "t-shirts".

So, I have some t-shirts that I had made. The design is from an old post card my grandma received from her friend Esther.

She gave me the postcard about 5 years ago and it sat in my camera bag until I went to visit my sister, brother-in-law and niece. I was taking tons of pictures of my niece and found the postcard again.

I promptly scanned that shit and sent it to my buddy ol' pal Brian Moen. (who plays drums in one my favorite bands in the world,

He then traced the image on his computerizer and made this.

When I saw that I obviously had to change clothes cuz i pottied myself. Then he printed the shirts and they look like this.

Purty darn awesome. Awesome good great job brian. Those shirts cost anywhere between $15 and 3,000 high fives.

This is basically what the ep art will look like.

My bro brah Jeremiah is doing the layout for the album and ep. He's in a band with me called, RED FOX GREY FOX. rock n' roll.


Red Fox Grey Fox

I play drums and keys and do BGV's (that's right...BGV's...I love saying BGV's............BGV's) for my friend Seth in his project, LITTLE YOSEMITE. He is in the midst of recording an album right now called, LOVE THE SWIMMER, HATE THE SWIM. Coooool beans.

This video is of a song called, SAVINGS


Blog Baby

When I decided to start this blog (last night at 3 am) I also decided another thing. There are going to be lots of baby pictures. Because my niece is so cute that it's almost impossible not to eat her. Yep. It's HEART WARMING TIME.

Album Artsy Fartsy

Hello there.

I am done recording an album and it's getting mixed right now! Weeeeeee! Jeepers Creepers I am so excited. It has been about two years since I started it and it's almost done.

Well, the album is called, "A COLLECTION OF SOUNDS AND SOMETHING LIKE THE PLAGUE". (Wheeeew. long title.) But before it is released I am going to release a short ep called, "A FAMILY. A TREE. EP". (Wheeew. still tired from typing the first title)

Anywho, here are some paintings my friend Emilie Robinson did. They, with some other ones will be used for the album art. Yippeeee!

This one is for, A FAMILY. A TREE. EP


This is my sister from another mister, Emilie Robinson

Holy Blog.

Greetings. I am purty darn new to the blog phenomenon.

Here's a picture of me playing tunes at one of my very favorite places in the world. 'Ed's No Name Bar', in Winona, MN. I love playing there because everyone is so damn nice to be around. I think all the sweethearts of the universe all decided to move there. And go to Ed's bar all the time.