Saturday, July 31, 2010

Red Fox Grey Fox

I'm not sure what it is about me the last couple of days, but it seems as if I've been dealt a very heavy dose of nostalgia. First Lions, Tigers, and Bears and now this; a post about Red Fox Grey Fox (a band that, until recently [sort of] I had been playing in).

Ben and I started Red Fox in 2005. Jeremiah and Stephen joined in and together, we played tons of shows, went on a couple tours, released 3 ep's and a full length, and had more fun than most people will have in a life time. Lately I've really been missing this.

Here we are. Just a bunch of bro brahs hangin' around in Mankato, MN.
One of our favorite places to play is Ed's No Name Bar in Winona, MN. Ed always treats us so well and even though we've had a couple disaster shows there, we always love it.
Despite the fact that most Halloween shows (or any holiday shows for that matter) usually suck, we played a couple of Halloween shows in our day. At this one Ben and I got pretty drunk on root bear schnopps outside of the venue. I was Super Pete.
I had some of the best times of my life playing in that band with those guys and it's been one of the most musically formative experiences of my life. I think we are done making music and I think that's alright.

Oh boy, what a schmoozy post. Alright, I'll get back to posting pictures of my niece and dudes down hill skiing in speedos really soon.

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