Monday, December 7, 2009

Ronny's: The Golden Prince Of Poop-hole Bars

We played at a joint in Chicago called, RONNY'S. It's a total dive. The outside of the building has the remnants of an elaborate neon sign beach scene, with dolphins, palm trees and a cascading sunset. But, the whole scene has been completely busted up by hoodlums so only a few parts of the neon sign still hang on the cinder block building.

In fact the only indication that this stack of blocks is in fact RONNY'S is the small window that is spray painted, "Ronny's". And even that is fading.

We met up with our friend Sam in the band AESTHETIC ANAESTHETIC and hung around for a bit. They were telling us about how terrible RONNY'S is but how it's getting cleaned up. We were happy to hear that although RONNY'S is a total germ hole, it's still a really fun place to play.

Well, we loaded in and played and despite the dirtiness, it was really awesome. We had a great time playing.

I think one thing that epitomized RONNY'S was when, at the end of the night, we were going to load out through a side door that was locked, the manager came and said, "Sorry guys, Ronny's wasted again and has lost the key to the side door. You're going to have to load out the front."

oh Ronny. How we'll miss you.

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