Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tour de farts

Hello there. Tour is going pretty well so far.

Winona was fun as always. We really love Ed's bar. Great people, great atmosphere, and best of all, great quasi-skin-heads beating up quasi-hippy dudes. Seriously, someone got beat up.

Northfield was really fun. We arrived pretty early so we did some hangin' around.

Zach and I did some sweet fake skateboarding.

We played at a venue called, THE CONTENTED COW. Upon arriving we discovered that we would be receiving free booze and food. which made us all very happy.

We were really happy to be playing with the folks we played with. Michael Morris played after us and his music is so tender and soothing you could listen to it forever. And My cousin Alison played last. Her music is so beautiful. It's the sort of music that makes your heart have to reassess what beauty actually is because it's never heard anything like Alison before. Simply amazing.

So far, it's a good start to the tour.

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  1. Hey Peter, thanks for sharing your music with the world. I had a wonderful time tonight at Beaner's listening. I'll see you in Feb/Mar when you're at UMD (I work with Late Night Kirby). Take care! -Zac