Friday, March 4, 2011

Bro-ad Trip

Safety First! Zach can't wait!

Zach. Gettin' ready.

Bro'in down in the van before the show.

Dewi Sant played before us and sounded great. That's Michael from Dewi Sant on the bottom right.

Playing with a band rules. Partly because I get to use my gear. Yahoo!

Ben and I are ready for the throw down of the century. Chugga-Chugga riffs, electric guitar squeels, head banging. Yes.

Ben had to wake up super early the next morning for work. He still came and jammed. What a hero.

This show marked the fourth show Zach had played at UMD this year.

Jer. The We Are The Willows full band cornerstone.

He also had to pee on the way home and the gas station was closed.

I can't believe how much more fun it is to travel and play tunes with other folks. Especially when those other folks are also dudes who still laugh at jokes about penises.

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