Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Digital Age

So, it's taken me some time, but I finally bought a digital camera. I've always loved film cameras. I have a real nice one and used to take ooodles of pictures. But it's super expensive and I have some reservations about all the paper and chemicals used for film photography. Mostly the expensive part keeps me from taking pictures.

Anywho, I bought the camera so I could take lots of pictures when I'm on tour. Well, here are some pictures of other things. Like dog poop and my dining room.

Here is Hugo fleeing the scene of a pretty sizable poo.

Hugo and Marissa in love.

More puppy love

This is my dining room. Exciting huh?

Nathan at the Walker Arts Center or whatever (official name)

Yours truly showing off my camera bag. It's a sock, folded up for maximum camera protection

Emilie at the Walker

The Blogspot.

Some sail boats at Lake Calhoun.

Paul and Elori from Northern Howl. I requested that they both gave me double thumbs up. They were probably real annoyed because they were setting up and here I come along saying, "Hey guys, I want a picture of you giving me thumbs up. Thumbs up are so funny."

Seth pulling some gnarly moves on his roller blades.

My Ma and Pa somewhere around lake Calhoun.

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