Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting Things Done For America

For the last year I have been working for Habitat For Humanity through Americorps. It has been one of my favorite work experiences. I had great bosses and worked with some great people. Like Dale and Roger. They are really good at building stairs, which is a very tricky thing to do. Dale, the gentleman on the right is Stephen's (red fox grey fox drummer) grandpa.

This is Chad. He was my boss. He put up with my general "air headedness" and lack of construction knowledge. He taught me a ton about building and thanks to him I can do all the work on my house that I want to do.
This is ol' Tom. He's a southern man with so many golden nuggets of southern wisdom and euphemisms . He's so hilarious. And grumpy. And generally just an awesome person to work with.
This is Mr. Jeff, my Americorps supervisor. He's a great dude. And, as you can see, a true patriot. America.

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